Black & Gold Series | Small Square Shift Earrings 

Inspired by winter’s quite darkness and summer’s glow I turned to color to create a series that evokes the beauty of opposing sides. In this Black & Gold Series my aim was to create a stark visual contrast, using simple shapes and precious metals.


To incorporate a healthy dose of light, I employed an ancient technique known as KemBoo, a process in which high karat Gold is fused to Silver metal by applying heat and pressure. I then chose to oxidize the silver, creating a black finish and providing that stark contrast to the glow of the gold. 


Materials: Silver & 23 Karat Gold Foil 

Handmade Earwires from either Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Fill.


Earrings measures approximately .75 inches from top to bottom. 


Handmade in Portland, Oregon, USA

Black & Gold Small Square Earrings