With the wildfires of the west coast raging I couldn’t help but turn my attention to a collection of stones that felt equal in force to the flames that surrounded. 

Passion seemed to reside in their powerful glow and it drew me in much the same way a hot flame draws one closer and closer, mesmerized by the flickering light.


These earrings are a mix of all my favorite things. Simple geometric shapes, rich textures and a mix of precious metals. Oh and of course those georgeous African Fire Citrine Stones! 


Materials: Silver, Brass, 22K Gold Bezel, Natural and Fairly Traded Stones 

The earwires are Solid 14K Gold. They are soldered on the back much like a post but htey are a hook. They can be pulled out slightly to ease onto the ear and then pressed closed to secure. 


Earrings measures approximately 5/8 inches from top to bottom. 


Handmade in Portland, Oregon, USA

African Fire Citrine Layered Shape Earrings